The House studio

Carol Rama lived and worked between the walls of the flat in Via Napione 15 in Turin from the 1940s to 2015.
From an orderly middle-class flat, as it was initially, it gradually took on the appearance of a sort of total installation.

Works by Man Ray and Andy Warhol, objects of Primitive art or from her family, drawings, canvases, costume jewellery and knick-knacks belonging to the artist, the materials and tools of her trade, mementos of situations and people, lots of photographs on the walls and much else were assigned their massed positions that were anything but casual by the artist down the decades.

The house-studio flat can be read in many ways: you can concentrate on individual objects from the most disparate provenances and periods, or be beguiled by the overall vision in which what counts is not the single item but the overwhelming fascination of the whole; you can glean information and hints that further an understanding of the artist or you can see, as though in section, the various cultural periods lived through seventy years of life and work. Her personal story and the stories of others overlap in the rooms of the flat, in the “store” according to the artist’s definition, structured as a representation of herself.

Listed and so safeguarded by the Superintendence as a house-studio in 2016, the Fondazione Sardi per l’Arte bought the contents from the heirs in 2019 and then loaned them to the Archivio Carol Rama, which currently manages it all, so that the house-studio is a lively and vital cultural place for making known and furthering study of the painter’s work, open to the public and to researchers.

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The house-studio can be visited by appointment in groups of maximum four people, accompanied by a specialized guide.

Entrance costs

€ 40 per person

€ 35 per person for pre-formed groups of 4 people

€ 20 per person for students, so long as they are in pre-formed groups of 4 people

€ 30 with “Carta Musei” card. Please use “carta musei” copuon in the cart page.

€ 80 for individual visits.

Times and days of visits

Tuesday and Thursday 15.00 – 16.30 – 18.00

Saturday (for two, non-consecutive Saturdays a month) 10.00 – 11.30 – 15.00 – 16.30 – 18.00

For information | tel +39 351 6136011

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