The House Studio

Binded by the Superintendency as an artist’s studio in 2016, Mrs. Pinuccia Sardi purchased the assets contained therein from Carol Rama’s heirs in 2019, and then transferred them on loan to the Carol Rama Archive from March 2019 to March 2024. This has allowed the Carol Rama Archive, which has managed the artist’s house for these five years, to open it to the public, revealing a treasure chest full of works, objects and cultural stratifications that refer both to Carol Rama and to the artistic environments within which she operated for about seventy years. From 20 March 2024 the Fondazione Sardi per l’Arte has taken over the management of the studio house and will announce on its website its future opening to the public and the visiting methods

The Carol Rama Archive thanks all the visitors for their warm expressions of appreciation, and the many institutions that have directed their guests to visit the studio house. Special thanks go to those who have done the most in recent years, with their professionalism, to make the visit an unforgettable experience: Giulia Mondino, curator of the house museum, and the public assistants Giada Battistello, Margherita Martini and Letizia Ughetto.