Carol Rama

“For me, work, painting, has always been something that let me feel a bit less unhappy, less poor, less ugly, and even less ignorant… I paint to heal myself.””.


via Napione 15

10124 Turin
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The Archive

The Archivio Carol Rama undertakes to archive the works of the artist. Private people and bodies who would like to have their works archived are requested to:

1) Fill in the 3 forms that can be downloaded here

Archive request

[ DOC ] [ PDF ]

Consent for the use of personal data

[ DOC ] [ PDF ]

Consent to publication

[ DOC ] [ PDF ]

2) Produce photographic documentation

Photographic documentation of the work WITHOUT A FRAME must be provided, namely:

  • 2 professional images of the front and back with colour scale, in high resolution, in t