Carol Rama

“For me, work, painting, has always been something that let me feel a bit less unhappy, less poor, less ugly, and even less ignorant… I paint to heal myself.””.


via Napione 15

10124 Turin
the house studio

The Archive

The Archivio Carol Rama undertakes to archive the works of the artist. Private people and bodies who would like to have their works archived are requested to:

1) Fill in the 3 forms that can be downloaded here

Archive request

[ DOC ] [ PDF ]

Consent for the use of personal data

[ DOC ] [ PDF ]

Consent to publication

[ DOC ] [ PDF ]

2) Produce photographic documentation

Photographic documentation of the work WITHOUT A FRAME must be provided, namely:

  • 2 professional images of the front and back with colour scale, in high resolution, in tiff format and in jpg format (short side 24 cm at 300 dpi) on a USB pendrive or through Wetransfer;;
  • 2 photographic colour prints of the front of the work (format 18×24);
  • 1 photographic colour print of the back of the work (format 18×24);
  • 1 photographic colour print and relative digital image of signature, inscriptions, labels, any details to highlight if they are present in the work (front and/or back).
  • If the owner of the work does not already have the necessary photographs for the archiving procedure, he/she is invited to use the photographer indicated by the Archive, in order to safeguard the quality of the images and their uniformity in view of publication in the Catalogue Raisonné.
  • a photocopy front and back of any certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Subsequent to the legal offices of the Archive receiving the documentation (Archivio Carol Rama, c/o Studio Carpano, Via Virle 10, 10138 Turin), the invoice will be sent out so that the applicant may pay the necessary sum. Considering the remarkable variety in the artist’s works, the archiving cost varies from 200 to 400 euros, according to the specific typology of each one.
The owner must successively send the work WITHOUT A FRAME on the date and to the address that will be provided for examining the work. In case direct viewing of the work in its current location is necessary, further travel expenses may be requested.
On receipt of the archival certificate, the owner must undertake to communicate any future changes in ownership and transference of the work, as well as to inform the Archive of participation of the work in any public exhibition.
The Archive guarantees maximum privacy when treating personal data and will not provide them to third parties, unless approved to do so by those entitled.
The Archivio Carol Rama does not carry out valuations of the works.


The Association

Who we are

The Archivio Carol Rama is a non-profit cultural association founded in 2010, whose activity lies in enhancing and promoting the work of the artist Carol Rama, as well as safeguarding her image and that of her works.

The Archive is made up of founding, ordinary and honorary members, and unites people linked to the artist through kinship, friendship or with scientific interests; it is presided over by the lawyer Michele Carpano. The Scientific Committee is made up of Maria Grazia Messina, Maria Cristina Mundici and Raffaella Roddolo.

What we do

The Archive carries out the work of archiving works by Carol Rama, in order to build up the most complete catalogue possible of her works.

Since one of the principal tasks of the Archive is to undertake research on the entire corpus of works and life of the artist, the scientific committee is happy to be able to view works by Carol Rama even if the owner is not interested in that moment in requesting any archival certificate. In order to further knowledge about the artist and to be able to make it available to the public, we also collect all types of information, documentation and personal memories of the artist.

The Archivio Carol Rama holds the rights for reproducing the works and images of the artist, together with the relevant photographs. For authorizing publication of said photographs, necessary for legal purposes, the requests must be made to the Archive itself.